Welcome to my world...

My name is Jez and I'm a buildaholic

This is a very rough and ready website giving a build log for my bullnosed and bobtailed Range Rover called pig. I built pig to do the Ladoga trophy raid in Russia - the worlds toughest challenge event, taking place over 8 days and covering 1200kms, swamps, rocks, mud, forest, beach and tarmac (sometimes all in one day)

Armed with plenty of bacon sarnies, coffee and some bluetack I found at my brothers house I got cracking :-)

I hope the site proves useful, if you have any questions drop me a mail and I will try and answer anything I can.

pig has gone off to a new owner now but the lessons learned from its build and the conditions we encountered in Russia have spawned 3 new cars - just wait till you see what's growing in the barn.... ;-)

Many thanks to those with the faith and vision to help see pig through in the rain, snow, sleet and frost- you know who you are, Vinny, Zuzana, Leo, Maltbys,