pig build starts here...

Pig start front.JPG (79889 bytes) Pig start back.JPG (81737 bytes) Well this is how pig started, a  pooh brown, 21 year old, 38,000kms on the clock and a whole lot of rust
Pig start tent.JPG (63717 bytes) Pig start 81.JPG (42357 bytes) Being England its gonna rain, get used to living under a scabby tarp :-) the roof was off and the goal posts cut for use later
Pig start tailgate off.JPG (45440 bytes) Pig Start 80.JPG (40941 bytes) The rear bumper came off in my hand, more rain
Pig start 83.JPG (47840 bytes) Pig start 85.JPG (38244 bytes) Was tempted just to build a pickup but my angle grinder "Christine" (its got a dodgy switch and a mind of its own) kept cutting 
Pig start 87.JPG (47296 bytes) Pig start 88.JPG (44161 bytes) The hangover after last nights party.... bugger
Pig start 89.JPG (43610 bytes) Pig start 90.JPG (64683 bytes) Rear quarter piece is bolted to a curve section, its easier to cut this out and weld it back onto the body rather than remake the whole thing
Pig start 91.JPG (24509 bytes) I only ever get to work on pig at the weekends or evenings so sorry about the dark pics, using the original lower tailgate ensures the correct width of the uprights - tack a piece of box section to the sides to jig it all in place
F2 33.JPG (30036 bytes) F2 34.JPG (46022 bytes) a "C" section was pressed up to make the winch base/crossmember, I welded this to the chassis
F2 36.JPG (47880 bytes) F2 37.JPG (64409 bytes) a quick dose of weldthrough primer and it off to the next job
F2 39.JPG (55585 bytes) F2 40.JPG (60514 bytes) Roof being measured up - don't buy permanent markers or pukka whitepens, I only ever use Pental correction pens (£1 for 4). Just to make a change the rain relented and was replaced by sleet
F2 41.JPG (62043 bytes) F2 42.JPG (66545 bytes) Goal posts welded back on, notice the spacer needed to keep the roof line true
F2 43.JPG (37297 bytes) F2 44.JPG (37498 bytes) with the goal posts back on I could sort the roof, measure twice! by doing it the way I have here all the bolt holes line up and make life easy, use the section of roof that has been removed to make a brace on the underside
F2 48.JPG (21284 bytes) F2 50.JPG (33192 bytes) I've seen some nice work on other bobtails with respect to cutting the wings down, as I figured the rear wings wouldn't survive Ladoga so I wanted quick and easy - lots of whitepen for the wheelarch cutouts. I plonked the upper tailgate on to check everything fitted
F2 52.JPG (43840 bytes) F2 53.JPG (37332 bytes) rear "bumper" fitted up, 120x60mm box section, 6mm thick. The design was proven in Germany when a BMW lost a fight with pig on the autobahn, BMW = write off. pig = chipped paint