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F4 68.JPG (52788 bytes) F4 70.JPG (44996 bytes) First thing is to strip out all the old crap, Ladoga involve a lot of DEEP wading so the V8 was always going to come out to be replaced with an Isuzu 2.8 turbo diesel
F5 78.JPG (57629 bytes) F5 83.JPG (62306 bytes) Wings off show the inner wings to be rotten, after thinking about cutting down conventional wings to achieve the bullnose I settled on a tree ramming set up
F5 85.JPG (60638 bytes) Outriggers went on for the sills and the roll cage
F6 78.JPG (59410 bytes) F6 87.JPG (46457 bytes) Just to make a change from working in the rain... it snowed so I tool refuge in the garage and cut the bonnet down and Tig welded it back together
F6 88.JPG (48837 bytes) F6 89.JPG (41622 bytes) Plenty of whitemarker, measure carefully this is a tricky thing to do
F6 93.JPG (41316 bytes) F6 97.JPG (36180 bytes) The result of a couple of hours of Tig, pulled the V8 out, shame really, it was the best running V8 I'd heard for ages
F6 99.JPG (82523 bytes) F6 102.JPG (83648 bytes) Plenty of surface rust and factory underseal to remove.
F6 103.JPG (25350 bytes) F7 78.JPG (45396 bytes) Wire brush and Christine the Grinder make a good job or removing the crap and re-distributing it on my face, doors get a bit of a fettle and the bonnet gets a few vent holes
F7 79.JPG (37861 bytes) F7 80.JPG (49062 bytes) Tiny garage also doubles up as my spray shop, the neighbours hate me and I'm trying to keep the peace by spraying when they are asleep, lay the first coat on a 2am and then another at 4am - its tough when you have to go to work at 8 :-(
F7 85.JPG (32067 bytes) F7 86.JPG (28713 bytes) The front end was designed to fend off trees and still allow easy engine removal, it worked really well, total panel damage was one 50p sized dent, the ram bars have to sit half in and half out of the bonnet, set a height gauge on a datum to get it all equal height.
F7 91.JPG (81856 bytes) F7 92.JPG (81488 bytes) Daylight for once, spars going in for the inner wheel arches, this is my preferred intercooler (SAAB) but I was lured by the dark side and went and bought an aftermarket one (mistake) the winch tray was fabbed up too.
F7 93.JPG (75760 bytes) F7 96.JPG (69689 bytes) I set the headlights back behind the line of the ram bars, held steady buy some 14mm 3mm wall tube - bonnet painted. Front roll hoop in place, roof roll bar fabbed up, inner roll hoop in place
F7 98.JPG (57906 bytes) F7 99.JPG (63294 bytes) you can see how the bonnet is protected, roof now painted. The hardest thing was making the tubes that run through the roof to join the roof tube to the inner roll cage, almost a day of failure to make the first and once I had a pattern the second took 5 mins :-)
F8 81.JPG (39329 bytes) F8 83.JPG (71436 bytes) welded collars to the back of the winch tray and put lifting eyes in - they are greased and spin easily, Zuzana slaps the waxoyl on all over