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F8 85.JPG (36218 bytes) F8 91.JPG (34244 bytes) Zuzana tinting the glass - no one ever noticed the mod to the quarter lights - they were so rotten I took them out, replaced the mechanism with a frame of 5mm box section and cut new perspex ones out, I thought they looked the mutts nuts :-)
F8 98.JPG (78888 bytes) F8 93.JPG (62065 bytes) Daylight and not raining? must have been in the morning on the way out to work 
F9 78.JPG (65388 bytes) F9 79.JPG (63289 bytes) Because the winch mounting were fouled by the front crossmember I had to use box section under the winch tray rather than flitch the crossmember and use ultra long bolts. Front chassis rails cut back to further improve approach angle (about 88 degress)
F9 85.JPG (69629 bytes) F9 90.JPG (66691 bytes) Shiny 4 speed ZF gearbox from Ashcrofts (thanks Dave) this is an uprated 3.9 unit with crop sprayer internals. If I ever have to work under a car its guaranteed to hammer down with rain..... :-(
F9 94.JPG (38950 bytes) F9 95.JPG (61374 bytes) Isuzu lump slides into new home, the new heavy duty gearbox is 15mm longer than a standard Rangie box (due to a longer pump housing) so the floor brace gets a date with Christine the grinder
F9 96.JPG (70410 bytes) F9 97.JPG (61998 bytes) Another view of the floor brace, Radiator in place, I had it modded to suit the Isuzu and give a crossflow, also had an electric thermostat boss put in - all in bargain price of £40 for all the mods :-) 
F9 98.JPG (77726 bytes) F9 99.JPG (57134 bytes) pig was due to run 2 type R Milemarker winches so thanks to Alan Byrne of Alfred Murray Ltd I started playing with a method of driving the pump. After a lot of mocking up and repeated watching of the Ladoga dvd I thought discretion would be a better idea and went pto (was worried about belt life in a swamp) The Type R system is the fastest winch setup and totally waterproof (essential for Ladoga)
F9 101.JPG (55585 bytes) F9 102.JPG (76244 bytes) Inside of the cab looking better for a dose of chromate black, 6 degree castor corrected arms from QT services mean I can get the front end together.
F9 104.JPG (81438 bytes) F9 134.JPG (83000 bytes) Front axle is refurbed, I ran Maxidrive halfshafts and drive flanges, Great Basin 4.75:1 crownwheel and pinions, ARB difflocks front and rear and modded the UNF axles to run AEU2522 CVs from a 110 defender - seriously tough driveline and it survived without ANY failures. Word to the wise though, Maxidrive drive flanges are almost a press fit onto CVs to we lapped them with warding files so that if we had a breakage the CVs could be changed without major probs (the warding takes fekkin ages.....)
F9 106.JPG (66040 bytes) F9 133.JPG (78232 bytes) Well we definitely needed a snorkel, Safari snorkels cost money and they are still only plastic so out with the stainless, the top portion (aka the "bling bling") is boy racers tailpipe. Thanks to the lads at Powerflow Exhausts in Basingstoke for the use of the pipe bender.
F9 132.JPG (29724 bytes) F9 137.JPG (36532 bytes) Not a lot of space for the PTO and pump so more mods to the floor brace, box section was used to reinforce the inspection hole and a trapdoor was used to seal it all up.
F9 145.jpg (58082 bytes) F9 146.JPG (70857 bytes) Intercooler from Allisport, lovely workmanship but I later discovered this was a bad move as thick intercoolers and swamps don't like each other. The airbox is standard Isuzu with 10cms cut off the bottom
F9 147.JPG (58330 bytes) F9 148.JPG (78628 bytes) BSR stainless braided hosing, intercooler and radiator brackets made.
F9 156.JPG (49090 bytes) I Knocked up a tailgate and Vinny made possibly the best Hi-Lift carrier ever made, on and off in seconds, no rattles and brutally simple