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F10 1.JPG (50708 bytes) F10 2.JPG (29700 bytes) High capacity drum on the winch, ancillary wiring and plumbing going in, the clock is really ticking now and there's still loads left to do.... now working 'til 2am and still trying to get to work the next day
F10 3.JPG (69991 bytes) F10 4.JPG (61992 bytes) The cab is filling up nicely, hydraulic cooler in for the winches, Hydraulic hoses made by Hyphose of Southampton in 1/2" bore - they are really good lads and spent 3 days living in my garden plumbing pig up in between their normal  jobs. Centre console made up. 
F11 1.JPG (53004 bytes) F11 3.JPG (57854 bytes) Pressure gauge gives winch load feedback, winch plough now has a home behind the navigators seat
F11 5.JPG (59033 bytes) F11 8.JPG (32198 bytes) Engine driven endless air compressor feeds a distribution block and reservoir (made from a disposable party balloon tank) and from there to a regulator feeding the locking diffs and a separate airline for tyre inflation - this system is the mutts nuts... despite sunshine it is in fact still raining...........
F11 12.JPG (86484 bytes) F11 13.JPG (56485 bytes) Had to use compact 90 degree fittings on the rear winch to give enough space to get the spare tyre out, gearbox crossmember showing final mods.
F11 15.jpg (95727 bytes) F12 10.JPG (62148 bytes) Almost finished so its a trip down to Powerflow Exhausts in Basingstoke for a 2 1/2" stainless system (well recommended), the cab is now wired and fired. 
F12 1.JPG (63709 bytes) F12 3.JPG (19058 bytes) Taking mum out for a spin on her birthday, that evening we loaded pig up for the 1800 mile trip out to Russia
F12 6.JPG (40523 bytes) F12 7.JPG (39708 bytes) Bonnet up to sort out a disobedient flex plate in a German autobahn layby - picture shows just how minimal the overhangs are, The lorry company has a condom on the side and the logo "we deliver your load in safety" - quality!
F12 8.JPG (63197 bytes) F12 9.JPG (40386 bytes) Out of focus and arty pic while waiting for a ferry to Finland, bush wires are 8mm thick onto 10mm plate, the mudguard extenders are "leftover" conveyor belt rubber. Armour proves effective as I "accidentally" drive through a steel gate to get into the ferry terminal
F12 11.JPG (52867 bytes) F12 16.JPG (85574 bytes) Back end shot showing the waffle holders, pig cocks a leg in St Petersberg. Russia is truly mental and 22 hours of daylight turn help you get that way too.
F12 25.JPG (169883 bytes) F12 22.JPG (63177 bytes) Like two lambs to the slaughter - my good friend and all round top navigator Leo "Dutch National Hillclimbing Champion" Barnard and me (the fat git with glasses).
F12 26.JPG (139802 bytes) F12 27.JPG (103514 bytes) ATS - Auto Teknik Shulten, Cheers for all the help Benny wish you could have come with us mate :-) Leo and me grinning like heavily sedated lab monkeys in St Isaacs square the morning of the start of Ladoga 2005